2016 Ford Super Chief Most Awaited Truck

One of the most anticipated pick-up trucks since a decade, 2016 Ford Super Chief indeed does justice to the term “super” in its name. Rumoured to reintroduce aluminium units with this vehicle, Chief 2016 will come with 3 optional fuel and SOHC V10 engine. It is anticipated that Super Chief will also feature the Tri-Flex fuel system for better performance and higher fuel efficiency. On close inspection, much similarity can be found with Ford-15. The truck looks like a beat with an aggressive yet sporty stance. Expected to take over markets by storm, Ford Super Chief standouts among all possible competitors including Nissan Titan, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC sierra 1500.

Interior Design

Not much is known about the interior components but it is expected that all material used will be best in class. A blend of modern and traditional- aluminium, wood and chrome accents are to be implemented. A utilitarian comfortable internal environment with spacious cabin room will be seen in 2016 Ford Super Chief. State of art infotainment console with modern navigation system is expected to be installed.

Automatic climate control with enhanced safety precautions such as airbags are few amenities that will be present. Comfort and luxury will vary according to the trim level but even the standard model is expected to stand out amongst other pick-up trucks. Branded sound system, Bluetooth connected, Car Parking Assistance, Hands free calling are few of the numerous feature expected to be in Chief 2016. A wide touch screen display with user friendly and interactive center panel is to be present.


Exterior Appearance

With looks like that of a beast, this pick-up truck has an imposing structure. 2016 Ford Super Chief is extremely sporty. Most of its body components will be made of aluminium and carbon fibre so as to decrease the net weight. With sleek rectangular headlights, the front fascia is absolutely magnificent. The doors are stunningly different from that seen in any ick-up trucks. Large alloy wheels make its aggressive look more pronounced. Both sides of the truck will have a Ford logo and “Super Chief” branding with horizontal lines. As a matter of fact, 2016 Ford Super Chief will look somewhat like Rolls Royce of pick-up trucks.

Engine Capability and Fuel Economy

Amongst much rumour, it is expected that 2016 Ford Super Chief will have three fuel types namely E85 ethanol, gasoline and hydrogen. Engine specs are expected to remain the same, that is the SOHC V10 30 valve paired 6.8L engine, because the performance of this engine is monstrous. It has the ability to generate near about 550HP with 400 lb-ft of torque, which once again makes Super Chief stand out amongst other pick-up trucks. The top speed is expected to be 290 kmph. Usage of hydrogen fuel is expected to boost fuel efficiency by 12% which is much needed as its predecessors had a bad fuel economy record.

2016 Ford Super Chief Release Date and Price

The 2016 Ford Super Chief is expected to be launched by the end of 2015 or early 2016. No information regarding price range has been provided, however judging by the specs, it is anticipated to be around $50000.

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