2016 Holden Colorado Release and Redesign

The 2016 Holden Colorado makers would bring about significant changes in this pickup truck. Its previous versions have been great. This latest instalment would bring changes to its engine specs as well as improve fuel efficiency. It’s external and under the hood modifications are going to be made, dual transmission options might be available and various safety features are also going to be availed. It would be easy to master this truck gives the previous difficulties the drivers are going to be solved.

2016 Holden Colorado Changes

2016 Holden Colorado would be a more polished and sleek model. Many minute modifications have been made. This truck will weigh lesser than previous models and it has been designed in a way that it will be more aerodynamic in nature as well as reduce drag forces. First of all this truck will now be available with wider range of colour choices. In the head end the grille will be sharper than previous versions along with the Company’s logo sculptured on it in a horizontal fashion. The headlight would have LED in them. Chrome also has few modifications. The alloy wheels are going to be broader than before. In the tail end there will not be many improvements other than in the taillights design with is going use the design of Nissan trucks.

2016 Holden Colorado Changes

2016 Holden Colorado would be using the same dashboard as used by its 2015 version. The dashboard had received a lot of praise so there was no need of worrying on updating it already. Infotainment system as used by previously is going to be same. There will be a new 8 inches touchpad where various apps would be visible as supported in smartphones. Bluetooth connectivity will be available. Besides this navigation app will make travelling a lot easier and less time consuming. There will also be reversible camera as well as temperature controlling icons. Sound system will be improved along with new sets of speakers.

Seats all be more comfortable than before and will be designed with soft leathers. Cabin space had been a problem in the previous models but this issue will be solved in this latest truck. Both cabin and head spaces will be more and comfortable in every aspect. Many airbags has been fitted in leg space and arm areas so as to avoid minimum damage during accidents.

Engine Specifications

Last year’s powertrain had been a disappointment of the Holden franchise. So this time round the auto-makers would definitely bring about radical changes in 2016 Holden Colorado’s engine. According to rumors this time the engine will be a 4.0 liter 8 cylinder engine Eco diesel engine. Transmission will be both automatic as well as manual. Speed six manual as well as automatic transmission option are going to be present. Torque of around 1900 rpm to 2550 rpm would generate power of 160 kilowatts.

Fuel Economy

In Colorado fuel consumption would reduce. Previously there had been a lot of complains about poor Fuel efficiency. This time these problems would not arise anymore. In travelling 100 kilometres only 6.0 litres of fuel would get consumed. Carbon emission has also been checked now. There this truck would cause less pollution.

2016 Holden Colorado Price

The 2016 Holden Colorado would be available as early as next year. Probably it is going to get released in the summer of 2016. Modest price ranges will make this truck a lot easier to purchase. Prices have been ranged from $40,500 to $60,000.

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