2016 Lincoln Mark LT Release Date

Being a product of Lincoln, Mark LT falls under category of luxury pickups of well-known American automaker, Ford Motor Company. It was first launched in January 2005 as the 2006 model. Basically, Mark LT is only a redesigned model of Ford F-150, which is a renowned truck from Ford. Cabin of this redesigned model is more luxury oriented. Despite the failure of Lincoln with Blackwood luxury pickup, the car manufacturer is not giving up on this segment. They are now planning to introduce another venture with 2016 Lincoln Mark LT. When compared to Ford F-150, it features more luxurious cabin but uses same engine.

History of Mark LT

Being first introduced in 2005, over 10,000 units of this model was sold in just a year. Business was encouraged by this initial success and production went on for this model. However, in 2008, F-150 Platinum unit was released by Ford. This model had same level of gear as Mark LT. This resulted in decreased popularity and production ceased in 2008. Lincoln then attempted to make a comeback in 2010 with second generation of Mark LT pickup. This model was based on 12th generation of Ford F-150. Despite of huge anticipations, this brand new model was unable to attract new customers. Production then stopped in 2014. With 2016 Lincoln Mark LT, the company is hoping for yet another comeback.

2016 Lincoln Mark LT Release Date

Design and Features

 Apart from having an upscale look, this full size crew truck also offers spacious cabin. Customers are provided with an option of either standard wheel base and 5.5 foot bed, or a comparatively longer wheel base with 6.5 foot bed. Compared to its sibling, F-150, the 2016 Lincoln Mark LT differs primarily in terms of styling. Unlike F-150, it is only offered in a single trim level. If rumors are considered to be true, this vehicle will be offered in four doors and 4×4 and 4×2 wheel drive options.

Standard features included in this vehicle are keyless ignition, heated front seats, wood trim, upholstered seats and an excellent CD/MP3 audio system. Along with these, other optional features are also offered including bed rail caps with running boards, 18 inch chrome wheels, rear power window, rear seat DVD entertainment and rear power windows. Cabin of this vehicle is spacious enough for accommodating 5 passengers. Dashboard is also quite decorative as it is designed using leather and faux wood.

Engine Details

As mentioned above, 2016 Lincoln Mark LT features the same engine as that of Ford F-150. This means that there is a 5.4 liter V8 engine behind signature grille of this vehicle. This engine is capable of generating 300 HP along with 365 lb ft of torque. This power is transmitted with help of 4 wheel automatic, using 2 or 4 wheel drive variants.

2016 Lincoln Mark LT Price

Exact details regarding the pricing and availability of 2016 Lincoln Mark LT is not known yet. While you should expect it to release early in 2016, there is no confirmation yet on pricing.

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