2016 Ram Dakota Diesel

It is 2016 Ram Dakota waiting to be unveiled later this year. It all started in 1987 when Dodge Dakota made a name for itself in pick-up truck segment. With time its market has only grown manifold and constant growth of customer base has now prompted the production of Ram, Dakota’s new avatar. So what does it have for pick-up truck enthusiasts to look forward to? Stylish exteriors and revamped interior are a few refinements other than the cargo room which pretty surprisingly will be cut down as part of its modernization.

2016 Ram Dakota Design

2016 RAM Dakota has matched the style quotient of today’s cars including pick-up trucks. What we get is a bevy of refinements and addition of entertainment features that are packaged along with well designed dashboard. Comfort will not be an issue for it has comfortable seats that have been redesigned, properly cushioned compared to its precursors. As a matter of fact one can bid adieu to the thought of shrunken interior space as more room is available for passenger as well as payload. Almost all minor and major control modules have LCD display with excellent ventilation system, thermometer to keep tabs on current temperature. Entertainment system of course will include CD player. Storage spaces have been equally distributed in the interiors. Total seat capacity is five in all models.

2016 RAM Dakota News

Exterior of 2016 RAM Dakota will unsurprisingly use lightweight materials to achieve desired level of speed and for reduction in overall weight as pick-up truck. A full frontal view will show Ram Dakota’s latest edition having four doors and great view behind windshield. Chrome grille is going to adorn its front portion that also has happening headlights. Same goes for both rear and front bumpers which has undergone quite a few redesigning. It seems that L200has a heavy influence so far as 2016 Dakota’s exterior is concerned.


As of now very few and not so credible information has been disclosed as far as powertrain of 2016 Ram Dakota is concerned. Obviously people are having a hard time to zero in on this vehicle as their go-to option. Amid all uncertainties, some sources do expect a V6 4 cylinder to be added under the hood sans knowing anything about capacity for fuelling. Nevertheless this engine has all it takes to shoot up on road performance and maintain fuel efficiency at the same time. While 30 mpg is what some say its fuel intake will be, one can also get few engine options in near future. But again it is all obscure right now.

2016 Ram Dakota Price

Despite few details about 2016 RAM Dakota; it is pretty much clear that it will be costing around $40,000 to $60,000. This line of car has seen it all since inception. From having stupendous sales record starting from its year of release to hitting rock bottom in 2005, it is still in contention for a market leader in pick-up vehicle. As it releases next year it will try to keep its hopes afloat by endeavoring for targeted sales figure.

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