2016 Toyota Hilux V8 Release Date

Hilux from Japanese auto makers, Toyota, has always been a great pick for those looking for a dose of thrill while going off the road. Toyota Hilux has made a name for its own and has just crossed a milestone by being able to sell million copies all over the world. The production of this truck has naturally been very profitable for the company. It is thus not a thing of wonder or surprise that Toyota has decided to bring out a new version of Hilux and this 2016 Toyota Hilux V8 with 455 HP will undoubtedly be the best and the most powerful Hilux from Toyota, ever made. The credit for this innovation however, goes to Toyota’s South African wing as they have taken special pains in order to make this possible.

2016 Toyota Hilux V8 Engine Power

What makes the biggest head line for this brand new 2016 Toyota Hilux V8 with 455 HP is its big engine setup. Powering this high performance truck from Toyota is a humongous 5.0 litre big block V8 engine which sits under the hood. It has an astonishing capacity of producing as much as a jaw dropping 455 brake horsepower (equivalent to 335 kilo watts) which ensures that its driver gets all the fun out of it. This engine is from Toyota’s high performance branch, Lexus; specifically Lexus IS F which makes things go even more interesting.

2016 Toyota Hilux V8 release date

 2016 Toyota Hilux Specs

Such a brilliant and ingenious engine on 2016 Toyota Hilux V8 with 455 HP is heavily backed up by some seriously jaw dropping specifications which makes the 455 brake horsepower look even more than what it is actually. These new equipment or the so-called “sidekicks” enhance the performance of the engine and overall truck to a clearly visible the extent and makes it a different beast altogether from the preliminary concept.

To start off with, we have a brand new exhaust system catering to the fumes of a powerful engine which effectively makes this big block V8 efficient to operate. Up next, come front and rear differentials. These have been modified in a brand new manner. Stronger and harder brake optimised for sport driving has been provided keeping in mind the off-road conditions on which this 2016 Toyota Hilux will be driven on.

Similarly, brand new suspension comes to the picture. AP Operating Clutch has been installed in this four wheel drive system truck. The sports tuned suspensions are attached to big 18 inch wheels with considerably big wheel base which has a ground clearance decrease of 5 cm. Altogether, this 2016 version of Toyota Hilux is a truck to watch out for.

Few Other Features

2016 Toyota Hilux V8 with 455 HP has many more surprises in its stock. It comes with three colours of body to choose from – all of which are attractive. A pair of fog lamps on a bull bar along with flares on fenders gives this truck that extra mile of aggression.

2016 Toyota Hilux V8 Price

Starting off at $72,000, 2016 Toyota Hilux V8 with 455 HP will be released probably in mid-2016.

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