2018 BMW Pickup Truck


Is the 2018 BMW Pickup Truck just a crazy idea and the desire of enthusiasts and fans of this type of vehicle? Or are guesses and speculation about this vehicle supported by some tangible information? For now there is no concrete answer to these questions. However, the possibility of BMW to offer his version of the pickup model exists. Although the company has not confirmed such a possibility, not a denied.

Some time ago on the Internet has appeared the news about the arrival of BMW pickup models, based on the E92 M3 model. However, the date of placement of the news was April 1. So, it is quite clear that it was just a joke. However, the Bavarian car manufacturer, does not hide that thinking about such possibilities. Although the pickup truck segment, completely unknown to BMW, the chances for the realization of these ideas exist.


Does BMW Make a Pickup Truck ?

Namely, the Australian branch of the BMW company arrived interesting news. Marketing manager, a branch of the company, Marc Werner gave an interesting statement. He said “never say never”. More specifically, Werner said that carefully monitor what are doing colleagues from competing companies.

We remember that the head of BMW Asia Pacific and South Africa branch, Hendrik fon Kinhajm, said that BMW will never “launch” model pickup. This was 2015. Now this Werner’s statement gained weight even more. Meanwhile, Mercedes has decided to launch its model in this segment. Also, the Tesla Motors has offered a fully electric pickup model. Things have changed, and the 2018 BMW Pickup Truck idea becomes more realistic. Whether and when there will be a realization of the idea, it remains to be seen.

Werner’s statement gains significance when one considers the popularity of pickup truck models on the territory of Australia. However, he believes that the competitors easier than BMW. Namely, it is clear that Mercedes-Benz has its own program of commercial vehicles, trucks and vans. On that side they are at an advantage because they have some experience. Also, he thinks that Audi could offer such a model, and that they would be easier than the BMW. The reason for this is that they can rely on the VW Amarok, and to be on the starting point.

New BMW Pickup Truck

Although it is clear that for the BMW company this truck project is a complete novelty and a great challenge, they do not reject such a possibility. Either way, we believe that many would be thrilled if he came to the realization of the 2018 BMW Pickup Truck ideas. We anxiously await the new information, which we will share with you.

2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty News


It’s been fifteen years since Ford announced its intent to expand Super Duty family. Namely, then the company wanted to create a model that would be between the F-150 and F-250 models. Now, after all this time, there has been speculation about the arrival of 2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty pickup models. Speculations were running when spotted and recorded camouflaged test copy of the new generation F-150 truck. Will the old idea, finally, be realized remains to be seen.

Many wonder whether it is necessary to broaden its Super Duty family, which already gathers F-250, F-350 and F-450 models. Either way, the F-150 Super Duty enters the final phase of testing. If approved, its production can be expected very soon. By all accounts, the new generation of the legendary F-150 has not offered all that could. In addition, further improved drive units, reducing weight by using aluminum, the order comes an increase in carrying capacity and traction.


2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty Specs

The idea of such a vehicle is not new to Ford Motor Company. In the late 20th century, the market was available F-150 “7700” model. Better known as “Heavy Half” or “Non-Super Duty”, this model is owned 7-lug wheels, load-leveling rear suspension and heavy-duty rear axle.

Although it is not clear why Ford has the need to offer such a vehicle, some believe that the answer imposes itself. Striving towards such a model lies in the fact that Ford wants to dominate the pickup truck segment. Considering that the Nissan offered Titan, and Titan XD models, it is considered that the 2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty response to XD version Titan pickup. Specifically, Nissan has managed to attract a lot of attention with their new Titan XD model. This is ½ ton model with HD equipment. Thus customers get more options. Also wants to do and Ford.

When it comes to vehicle design, there are a lot of uncertainties due to the large amount of camouflage on the test specimen. However, some changes in the exterior design hints. 2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty should get a new grille. The design of the grille is not specific to any F-150 Super Duty is not for models. Can be discerned new grille that bears the inscription on it, but the rest is a secret they wrote. In addition, it is clear that the car is set on eight-lug wheels. Therefore, it is clear that this is a vehicle with increased load capacity.