2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Ford has established itself as one of the leading automakers of our times. Be SUVs, Crossovers or Pickup trucks, they surely produce one of the finest products. It might sound a little biased but it is true that the company has produced vehicles like the F-250. F-250 has evolved over the years and has been setting its constant standards. With continuous refreshments and replacements this vehicle has become Ford’s best pickup trucks. Lot of speculations has been made about the fact, that 2017 Ford F-250 might come with a hybrid engine under its hood.

To add to that, some interior and exterior redesigns are scheduled as well. Even though this vehicle is the number one of its lineup, it will have to do a lot more to obtain that position in the global automobile market. F-250 will face stiff rivalry from stalwart pickup trucks like Chevrolet Silverado 3500 & Dodge Ram 3500.

Interior & Exterior Redesign

The redesign of 2017 Ford F-250 has been carried out really well. To add to that this new variant comes with a new body that is lighter and better. Ford has designed the new dash board really well and functionalities like temperature regulation, electronic switches, touch User Interface is available.

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty

The space inside is pretty comfortable and there is room for cargo as well. It also comes with built in wireless fidelity system. Safety and security features have also been added and airbags, auto braking system, parking assist and traction control are available. Last but not the least; the exterior changes which are few and keeping in mind that the F-250 already looks pretty majestic it can be considered okay. Changes will include installation of new and advanced LED head panels and bumpers.


Basically Ford has decided to release 2017 Ford F-250 with two engines to choose from. Nevertheless they will be paired with a similar transmission system. These two engines will be of two types i.e. petrol and diesel. First one is going to be a 6L v-8 unit generating up to 440 horses. Second one i.e. the diesel engine will be a 6.7 L v-8 unit instead with a torque of 860 lb/ft and similar power output. It is expected that the gear system will either be an eight speed system or a ten speed system.

Pickup will increase substantially as well. Speculations indicate that this engine might provide better mileage and that’s good both economically and environmentally. In case the hybrid variant’s release is confirmed, it will come with similar specs with exception of an electric motor.

2017 ford F-250 Release Date and Price

Considering the competition, it is likely that 2017 Ford F-250 will be available for an affordable price. Even though it is not official, it is most probable that the price won’t vary much from its predecessor therefore it will be available for a nominal estimated value of $33,580. It is totally worth it if the specs come into consideration. F-250 will arrive in the US showrooms soon and it is great news for Ford enthusiasts because the release date has been proponed to early 2016.

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