2017 Ford F-450

The 2017 Ford F-450 is all set to enter the market in near future. This pickup truck will undergo some latest upgrades in order to please its fans. It is amongst the most sturdy and heaviest vehicles from Ford. As far as its capabilities are concerned, it is easily one of the best trucks from Ford. Muscle mass and weight of this vehicle has originated from Ford F-350. Belonging to the Super Duty truck category of Ford, this truck is all set to be most efficient truck available in market.

All-Aluminum Construction

At 2014 Detroit Auto Show, Ford unveiled 2015 F-150, which was aluminum intensive. This amazed people and they began to wonder if same type of construction was possible for super duty trucks as well. Now, with 2017 Ford F-450, Ford has surprised people once again with an all-aluminum bodywork. Just like F-150, aluminum is now employed as a primary element of bed and cabinet construction of Super Duty trucks like F-450.

Previously, steel was major manufacturing element of this model. However, with 2017 model, aluminum becomes primary element while steel is still utilized for boxed frame. This frame is made of as much as 95% of high strength steel. This makes the frame up to 24 times stronger and more rigid than that of previous models. Military grade aluminum is used in body of cab. This makes it more resistant to dings and dents than current model. Altogether, this aluminum construction results in a total of 350 pounds less overall weight.

2017 Ford F-450

Other Design Details

Apart from body construction, design of 2017 Ford F-450 has also undergone some adjustments. Design of F-450 will be very much similar to other vehicles belonging to category of Super Duty trucks. The 19.5 inch wheels are redesigned and add to overall stylish appearance. An overall boxy look is quite attractive indeed. When it comes to interiors, high quality natural leather has been used in cabin. To go with comfort, interior is also fitted with excellent technological features. An upgraded navigation system is present along with other features for safety and security such as air bags.

2017 Ford F-450 Specs

2017 Ford F-450 shall be having a 6.2 liter V8 engine under its hood. This engine is capable of generating 385 HP along with 405 lb ft of torque. An additional engine option is also present for this vehicle. It is a turbocharged 6.7 liter diesel V8 engine. The engine of this car has the capacity of generating approximately 440 HP along with 860 lb ft of torque. This engine will be paired with a six speed automatic transmission unit. It will be offered in four wheel drive system. Details regarding engine performance such as fuel economy is yet unknown.

Pricing and Release Date News

Price of base model of 2017 Ford F-450 is expected to be $69,985. This price is supposed to increase if other engine variants are offered. Exact details regarding its release date has not yet been revealed by Ford. However, you can expect it to launch by end of 2016 or early 2017.

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