2017 Ford Ranger Price

Rangers were once in huge demand in the United States Auto market but the scenario has changed now. These entire vehicles were taken back about 3 years ago and only few have managed to survive. The classic Ford Ranger is one of them but the automaker is currently working on its next variant. 2017 Ford Ranger will be unveiled soon and already there are rumors about its specs. It goes without saying that Ford won’t leave any stone unturned therefore in all likelihood this car will come with advanced specs and deliver an amazing performance. In order to reach for a larger customer base, Ford has decided to release this vehicle in a number of engine variants. It will not only appeal to more people but also it will make this car of more utility.

Interior & Exterior Design

2017 Ford Ranger

As far as 2017 Ford Ranger’s design changes are concerned, there won’t be much changes as such. Rather there will be some improvements and addition of technological accessories in order to make this car up to date. Basic exterior changes are expected and along with that there will be some major safety improvements. There will be an improvement in the overall build quality and the interiors will now come with best in class leather upholstery. With the best technological, safety and design features, this vehicle is ready to re-introduce itself.

2017 Ranger Diesel Specs

Some sources suggest that there will be no significant changes when it comes to 2017 Ford Ranger’s engine but some changes are absolutely necessary so it is likely that they will be looked after. Good news is that it will be made available in both petrol and diesel variants. Bad news is that petrol variant will feature similar specs such as a 5 cylinder 2.5L engine that is capable of generating up to only 164 HP. Its torque is around 166 lb/ft. But it is also likely that multiple diesel will be made available.

New 2017 Ford Ranger

First in the range will be a 4 pot turbo 2.2 L unit generating up to 158 horses and having a torque of 284 lb/ft. Power output might reduce by 30 or more HPs in order to give way to better fuel efficiency. Last but not the least, this new variant can also come with a 3.2L engine of similar configuration delivering up top 197 horses and having a torque of 347 lb/ft. All of these engines will be mated with the same transmission system and it will only be offered in all wheel drive option. Other than that mileage will increase significantly, roughly by 18% to 22% and that’s great.

2017 Ford Ranger USA Release Date

Ranger is a legendary vehicle whose presence has been felt in the auto market for a long time now. Ford has taken a great decision by giving it another chance and with all its features in place this vehicle is ready to sell like hot cakes. Competition will persist nevertheless and it likely that it will prevent a sharp rise in this variant’s cost. Therefore one can get himself/herself a 2017 Ford Ranger for just a little more than before.

The present price will vary from $23k to $36k. However it is not clear exactly when this vehicle will be available for consumers. No official word has been given out and that is causing all the confusion. By logic it should be available by end of 2016 or in early 2017.

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