2017 GMC Sierra HD News

When the deal comes to make a quality truck packed with all necessary innovative creativity and loads of useful features, there is perhaps no other bigger name than American auto-making giants, GMC. GMC has been producing some undoubtedly top class SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) for quite some time now and some of their products have been successful in making a big name for themselves. One such popular pickup truck is GMC Sierra. It has been announced by the manufacturers that they are planning to unveil the latest instalment of Sierra, namely 2017 GMC Sierra, which will come to the market with lots of lofty expectations.

Thanks to its remarkable features, GMC Sierra brags of huge popularity and has got some serious fan following and will successfully stir up the market. The manufactures are confident that this new version of GMC Sierra will be successful in living up to its expectations.

2017 GMC Sierra Redesigne

The decision to keep GMC Sierra’s hallmark double cabin attached with a storage space has been taken quite wisely enough, proving that brains were at work back at GMC’s R&D. this layout of Sierra’s body is hugely popular and is loved by customers. Thus retaining this design would be a huge plus point. Powerful features in the redesigning of the front end are clearly visible which is sure to excite a whole lot of people. A muscular look has been well portrayed in the truck’s front fascia, thanks to the sinewy and humongous bumper design.

2017 GMC Sierra HD

The size of front grille design has been given a visible enhancement and new redesigning goes well with the overall body language. Shape of this larger new grille is somewhat rectangular and has a set of three black lines. Details done in the chrome really gets you hair standing. This innovative new grille will sure provide a huge onus to this new GMC Sierra.

The 2017 GMC Sierra comes with Z60 suspension system which is a very famed suspension known for implementation in rough driving sports. This suspension will also undoubtedly help in improving handling and performance of the truck. The wheels attached to this suspension are large 20 inch ones which has a considerable wheelbase for providing good grip. Several choices of body colors are being offered.

Luxurious and Comfortable Interior

New designing in the cabin of 2017 GMC Sierra is truly commendable. Aggressive language of designing that has been so prominent on the exterior continues well inside the cabin as well, thus providing a uniform overall look. Black synthetic leather has been used in order to wrap up every inch of the cabin and looks strikingly beautiful. The use of synthetic materials guarantees durability as well as proving comfort. Infotainment system along with safety systems have been provided so that one can have a safe and enjoyable journey.


2017 GMC Sierra runs on a 6.7 litre turbo charged Duramax V8 engine which can produce as much as 420 BHP. Hybrid version may also be provided while transmission of choice is yet unknown.

2017 GMC Sierra Price Tag

2017 GMC Sierra will range within $31,565-$50,000.

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