2017 Ram Dakota

The 2017 RAM Dakota is mid size pick-up truck with a difference that combines heavy on road performance with classic looks. With companies facing cutthroat competition day by day, pick-up trucks are no longer just a regular burden carrying mule. Japanese manufacturer of Ram Dakota has therefore made a much diversified move of using more than one concept for this pick-up truck.

2017 Ram Dakota Concept

Two unused concept have been chosen for producing 2017 Ram Dakota namely Mopar Dodge Ram Bianco and Jeep Gladiator. These two concepts are expected to improve on road performance and may be an equally contributor of car design.

2017 Ram Dakota

Interior and Exterior

Interior for 2017 Ram Dakota has undergone complete facelift by hardly retaining any previous feature. Redesigning can be seen in every interior features mostly in the dashboard section that has all utilities stacked together, Seats have been made softer and thin skinned material has been used for touch ups. Space has been increased between seats and dash board. Dashboard again deserves a special mention which houses a number of control settings including music system and central door locking. A couple of chambers have been redesigned for keeping glass and cola cans. View from inside is decent as drivers can foresee the road with ease.

Several changes will be witnessed in exteriors too. 2017 Dakota looks very neatly carved and better designed than its predecessors. It consists of a total of four doors and rectangular shaped chrome grille that provides air vent both ways. Assorted headlights can be seen with medium sized alloy wheel. Fuel filling port is on the left hand side. Bed space for this pick-up truck is fairly spacious. This Ram Dakota’s special feature has to be a sliding platform to give greater access to bed for any cargo offloading.


2017 Ram Dakota has been laced with much relied V6 engine with four cylinders. Apart from the plenty of engine attributes have been stylized for a design that is good enough under the hood. In general light weight materials made of alloy can be credited for providing light weight vehicle that can be contemporary as well as acclimatized to both platforms used for his particular car’s manufacture. Moreover it has ratings of US Environment Protection Agency for being exceeding environment friendly in terms of carbon emission. This car has been rated at 30 miles per gallon from the same premier agency.

2017 Ram Dakota Price

2017 Ram Dakota is very much pitted against Japanese Toyota and a couple of other Japanese makers. Quite a few things are still unknown as far as feature goes for this latest variant. For instance 2011 predecessor had side airbags and anti lock brakes for all four wheels. We are yet to know the number body paint that will be available to pick from. But we still do make out that after all price evaluation in current market levels its base model will be priced between $20,000 and $40,000. This price bracket might just be effective in consolidating some market share for this Dakota.

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