Workhorse W-15 Electric Pickup Arrives 2018 to Compete with Tesla

Workhorse W-15

Advanced Clean Transportation Expo is an event which this year was worthy of a great novelty. Workhorse W-15 electric pickup truck, which Workhorse Group plans soon to put on the market. As a direct competitor to Tesla’s model, which has been announced but not yet launched. It is clear that electric vehicles our very near future. In the same way, with the same objective is presented and W-15 model.

Workhorse W-15 electric pickup whose basis is made by Workhorse chassis. The basic elements of the vehicle are independent rear suspension, Li-Ion batteries Panasonic, all-wheel drive system and internal combustion engine.

Workhorse W-15

The main goal and task Workhorse group is providing cost-effective solutions to the commercial transportation sector. The chassis on which is based the electric pickup has enabled the use of new technologies. It thus this model stands out above all, is the extended range, thanks to the operating system.

W-15 interior

Workhorse W-15 Electric Pickup Specs

Workhorse W-15 is equipped with two electric motors, and lithium ion batteries. Each axle runs at a single electric motor. W-15 electric pickup has a drive to all four wheels. The vehicle has a 460 hp. From 0 to 60 mph accelerates in 5.5 seconds. Autonomy of the electric car is 130 km. After traversing that distance, turns on the internal combustion engine. This pickup is equipped with an external 7.2 kw power outlet. Outlet is providing up to 30 amps directly from the vehicle battery pack.

W-15 was introduced in the Double Cab configuration with five seats. And the production model will be the same. The dimensions of this pickup truck model amounts length 234 ”, width 80 “, height 73.9”. Wheelbase is 143 “and ground clearance is 12”.

Workhorse W-15 electric pickup rear view

Workhorse Group plans to its electric pickup, offer the market at a price of 52,500 dollars. The first deliveries of the production car is expected in 2018.