2018 Jeep Pickup News

Jeep is one very powerful as well as aggressive looking car in auto industry. The best thing about Jeep is that they are fixed with a very reasonable and affordable price despite their praise worthy performance. The build quality of Jeep is very high as you will notice in the upcoming 2018 Jeep Pickup. This is one of the latest news about Jeep. Most remarkable thing about this car and also many other cars of this brand, as discussed just now, is the build quality. This car can resist the disturbance of a forest road even.

2018 Jeep Pickup Design

These cars are actually meant to drive in hilly or marshy forest areas. Ground clearance is kept very high which ensures you full safety of your car chassis from hitting the ground even in the worst road. High build quality alloy wheels of very high strength are installed in upcoming version of 2018 Jeep Pickup. These wheels are one of the main reasons of keeping this car intact even in the worst off road condition. A special layer of protection is added in the bottom center portion of front bumper. Grille of 2018 Jeep Pickup is made of several vertical slits and headlights are placed just in two sides of grille.

2018 Jeep Pickup Gladiator Concept

These headlights are circular in shape. There are two additional circular lamps below it which will serve as fog lamps even. There are also two small indicator lamps attached to each of the headlight. The rear portion of this car can be sued to load goods as well as passengers. You can attach a special hood to protect the goods or passengers from sunlight or rain or even frost.

2018 Jeep Pickup Specs

As far as engine specification is concerned, 2018 Jeep Pickup will have a 3.6 liter engine V6 as the base version. There might be a diesel version of this car this time. It is very necessary in today’s world when fuel price hike is taking place at an enormous rate. Exact power output of this engine has not yet been revealed. There will be other powerful engine variants in all probability. This engine will be powered by a six speed transmission of manual nature.

It is being said that this time Jeep is going to offer a version with eight sped transmission of automatic nature. This is good news for Jeep fans since automatic transmission is very much in demand now. Lastly, it is also being heard that Jeep might introduce one hybrid version of this car. This car has been planned as a 2018 version, so facelift work is still in its infancy. This car is supposed to hit the market by the end of 2017 and there might be many alterations in the specifications.

Price of 2018 Jeep Pickup and Release Date

2018 Jeep Pickup has not yet been fixed with a price. Many complications might arise which can affect the price of this car. Therefore Jeep will not be announcing the price of this new pickup truck before 2017 which is for sure.

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