2019 Ford Ranger Redesign and US Release

2019 Ford Ranger is back on the US market. Apparently, Ford Motor Company has serious plans for the pickup. The official announcement and promotion of returnees confirm the company’s determination to restore the glory of this model.

However, one can not say that the Ranger lost its glory. On the contrary, the markets outside the North American continent, Ford Ranger respect and enjoys exceptional popularity. The greatest credit for this goes to the Australian branch of the company. They are responsible for the design and engineering of a new generation Ranger T6 model.

2019 Ford Ranger

Thanks to the success achieved in markets outside the US, Ford is bringing back the Ranger pickup to its vehicle lineup in 2019. The same route will take the Ford Bronco, which arrives a year after the Ranger pickup. the return of Ranger in the USA, is not only determined by its popularity and success in other markets. The market pickup and SUV models is remarkable expansion. On the other hand, Ford’s F-150 pickup is ‘grown’ by the previous generation. This left vacant place in the range of these types of vehicles, which will fill a Ranger since 2019.

Exterior and Interior Design

Ford Ranger, in its current issue, is shown in 2015 in Frankfurt. Then appeared the information on the return of the pickup on the North American market for the first time.

The current model is significantly improved by the altered design, compared to the previous model. The outside of the vehicle has undergone changes on the front and the back. And the interior of the vehicle has been modified and enhanced. There is also a large number of the latest technologies and systems.

New Ford Ranger 2019 interior design


But despite all the changes in the current model, the all-new Ford Ranger will excel completely new design and features. However, it is expected that the 2019 model is placed on a platform of the current model.

The 2019 Ford Ranger is designed as a multipurpose vehicle. He should satisfy many tastes and desires. Its towing capacity should meet the requirements of small entrepreneurs, who will use it as a working pickup truck. On the other hand, its off-road capability will delight the adventurer, who want to enjoy the nature and beyond the asphalt road. In the end, the all-new Ranger is an excellent choice for travel and perform everyday tasks. It’s already proven to be pretty well for himself, and in urban conditions.

2019 Ford Ranger Powertrain Options

Currently, we offer various diesel and gasoline generators. Some of them are:

– 2.2-liter TDCi diesel engine sa 160 horsepower

– 3.2-liter TDCi diesel engine sa 200 horsepower

– 3.2-liter Duratorq diesel engine sa 197 horsepower

– 2.5-liter Duratec petrol unit with 200 horsepower

These engines are in Class economical. Compared to the previous model, the current Ranger has significantly improved economy and efficiency.

2019 Ford Ranger US release

However, despite all this, we should not expect that the American version get diesel engine. Under the hood of 2019 Ford Ranger should expect some of powerful and economical petrol engine, which powers some of the SUV or the F-150 pickup models. First of all, some of EcoBoost engines is imposed as a first option, but one should not ignore some of the V8 engine.

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