2019 Mercedes X-Class Release Date and Price

2019 Mercedes X-Class pickup truck will be launch in November 2017. In less than two months a model will be available on the market that is a direct competitor of the 2018 Nissan Navara pickup. The new X-Class is wrongly labeled as the first pickup truck model of this brand. Mercedes had a pickup truck on the Latin American market as early as the seventies of the last century. Nevertheless, attempting to combine the premium class with the convenience of a pickup truck model did not fully come to life.

The then La pickup, which was the name under which it sold this model was completely different from all other models. It looked very luxurious, the interior was also very high quality. A lot of similarities, the 2019 Mercedes X-Class will have with this model, but also with a new Navara pickup truck model with which it shares a large number of components.

2019 Mercedes X-Class Pickup truck

2019 Mercedes Pickup Truck Specs

The company came out with official vehicle data, specifications and prices for the new 2019 Mercedes X-Class pickup truck. First of all, it should be emphasized that the serial X-Class will be in many ways different from the presented concept. The external design of the vehicle is characterized by the aggressive front of the vehicle. Then there is a large star on the radiator grille with double slat. Compared to the concept, the 2019 X-Class pickup series will have larger headlights. Exterior mirrors that have attracted attention to the concept, in this case do not exist! Many major changes are visible on the rear of the vehicle. The 2019 X-Class comes with vertical taillights and a massive bumper. Hidden exhaust pipes visually strongly points to the Nissan Navara.

2019 Mercedes X-Class shares chassis with 2018 Nissan Navara pickup. It’s a ladder frame with robust independent suspension on the front and load-bearing ax on the rear. For this reason, both vehicles will be produced in the same factory. More precisely in Nissan factory in Barcelona.


There are three packages of equipment with which the X-Class will be offered. The basic model is Mercedes X-Class Pure. Then there are Power and Progressive equipment packages. As far as the supply of power units is concerned, it comes down to two diesel engines. The company says that by mid-2018, X-Class will have AWD only as an option. And since then it will be found as part of the standard package of equipment.

The two Diesels X 220 d with 163 hp and the 190 hp strong X 250 d. Together with the AWD option in the middle of 2018, Mercedes pushes the X 350 d with six-cylinder diesel, 258 hp and 550 Nm maximum torque.

2019 Mercedes X-Class Pricing

Mercedes Benz X 220 d (163 hp) with 6-speed manual has price of  37.294,60 euro. Model X 220 d 4MATIC (163 hp) with 6-speed manual transmissionis pricing at 39.115,30 euro (from Progressive). The X 250 d (190 hp) with 6-speed manual too, has price of  41.816,60 euro (Progressive only). Mercedes Benz X 250 d 4MATIC (190 hp) with 7-speed automatic transmission has price of 41,780.90 euro (all equipment).

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