2018 Fiat Fullback Pickup Truck

2018 Fiat Fullback

2018 Fiat Fullback is a pickup truck model that is sold on markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Unlike him, buyers in the South American market, Fiat offers a Toro pickup. The new Fullback does not make any significant changes, as compared to the 2017 model. Still, this Fiat pickup continues to work with the Mitsubishi L200 model. More precisely, the new model is also mounted on the platform of the aforementioned Mitsubishi pickup model.

Fiat Fullback is a very ‘young’ model, created in cooperation with the Mitsubishi company. By its dimensions, it is larger than the second company pickup model, Toro. It is first shown on the 2015 Dubai International Motor Show. Basically, this is the L200 pickup, in the ‘Italian way’. However, these two models differ on their front ends. Each of the manufacturers gave its model a recognizable look, in line with the company’s design philosophy.

2018 Fiat Fullback review


Interested customers have the choice of Single Cab, Extended Cab, Double Cab and Chassis versions. Different cab dimensions and different configurations are in question. Depending on the version, the length of the vehicle, as well as the length of the luggage compartment, varies. The length of the vehicle ranges from 5.155 to 5.285 mm. The length of the luggage compartment varies from 1,520 to 2,265 mm. Vehicle height is 1,780 mm, width is 1,850 mm, while the wheelbase is 3,000 mm. 2017 Fiat Fullback has a maximum carrying capacity of 1,100 kilograms.

Depending on the market on which it will be offered, the supply of power generators is different. For customers on the European market, Fiat has devoted a 2.4-liter turbo diesel engine. The engine offers two versions, with 150 horsepower and 180 horsepower. 5-speed automatic transmission or 6-speed manual transmission is required to transfer the engine power to the drive wheels.

The 2018 Fiat Fullback offers two different engines for customers on the Middle East market. These customers will be able to choose between a gasoline or diesel engine. The gasoline engine will have a capacity of 2.4 liters, while the diesel engine will be 2.5 liters.

Price of new Fullback

The price of the new model is at the level of the 2017 model. That means the car costs about £ 27,000. With this price, the 2018 Fiat Fullback is extremely competitive in all markets where it is represented.

2017 Fiat Fullback Debut

2017 Fiat Fullback pickup

Fiat revealed its brand new contender in the pickup truck segment at the recent Dubai Motor Show. Namely, the 2017 Fiat Fullback is slated to hit the market in the second quarter of 2016. The upcoming truck will be based on the Mitsubishi L200 (also known as the Triton) that is currently produced in Thailand and exported to European, Asian and African markets. According to official sources, the Fullback pickup is unlikely to be sold in North America.

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2017 Fiat Toro Release

2017 Fiat Toro

Pickup trucks are becoming more popular than ever before and many Automakers are venturing into this segment. Fiat is known for its compact cars and this year they will be releasing the new 2017 Fiat Toro. Whether it will be able to match with its American contemporaries or not will be known later but the competition won’t be easy.

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