Dacia Duster Pickup Truck new version Renault Oroch truck

The Dacia Duster SUV, believed or not, came to the second generation for just one reason. This is more than one million sales results. This shockingly affordable model also has its pickup version. Under the other name, more precisely as Renault Oroch, the company offered Duster pickup on the US market. Namely, unlike other manufacturers, it should offer a version to its domestic and European customers. The Dacia Duster Pickup Truck should be a European version of the Renault Oroch pickup model.

In this case, everything is the opposite in relation to Japanese, Korean, German and other producers outside the US borders. While, they are all eager to offer their trucks models to the US market, Dacia goes in the opposite direction. For now, there are two models that will be clearly used for the conceptual solution.

Dacia Duster Pickup Truck render

Dacia Duster Pickup Truck Options

The first is of course Renault Oroch, which is sold in South America. It’s a double-cab version, which has taken a different name from the expected one for an unknown reason. The French company has commented on this decision as a desire to Dacia tag does not want to be global in character! And who would not want to become a global brand?

Another solution is reflected in a single-cab version of the regular Duster model. This model has a roof carved open over the rear seats. There are also trunk and installed tailgate. This version of Duster is produced in Romania.

There are assumptions that the second generation Dacia Duster SUV will experience global success. First of all, this vehicle, like the majority of the Dacia offer, can boast of affordability and excellent value. Although it is manufactured by Renault’s low-cost Romanian division, this vehicle has a certain quality, applicable to the Dacia Duster Pickup Truck. It will use the same underpinnings that features a slightly redesigned body and an updated interior of the second generation Duster SUV.

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