Infiniti Pickup Truck Possible Arrival Soon

Nissan’s collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, in a performance known as the Mercedes X-Class Pickup Truck, leads to a logical conclusion that Nissan can offer something similar. For this car manufacturer, the truck segment is not a novelty. But a luxury sub-brand represented on the US market, in its offer, has no such model. After the announcement by Mercedes that their first truck will not cross the ocean, it was first suspected that Nissan would use this threat. These are two basic reasons why the Infiniti Pickup Truck could arrive in the near future.

All served on a platter, Infiniti Division gives a great advantage to offer the Infiniti luxury pickup truck. After transition from the SUV and crossover models, on the increase in the demand for pickup truck vehicles was not logical. It is the inevitable follow-up of events on the automotive market. In its offer, Nissan has several vehicles from this segment. Nissan Frontier and Nissan Titan (Titan XD) are part of a rich Nissan range in America. Unlike this offer, the Infiniti brand has no such vehicle.

Infiniti Pickup Truck

Infiniti Pickup Truck Specs and Design

For the development and realization of a worthy competitor Mercedes X-Class, the Infiniti brand now has everything necessary. The luxury Infiniti Pickup Truck could take advantage of the underpinnings of the Navara. Since the existence of a platform and a base is one of the crucial moments in developing a pickup model, Infiniti does not have a single problem!

All the features that Infiniti brand models have, they would be easily applicable to the pickup model. When we say this, we mean the design of the vehicle. The last redesigned model, the Infiniti QX50, would serve as a perfect solution for the appearance of the front of the vehicle. A massive mesh grille with a pair of slim and narrow headlights. No one should expect the Infiniti Pickup Truck to be a fancier version of Navara or Frontier pickups.

As for the drive units that would be powered by the Infiniti Pickup, they can be assumed. This one model can fully apply the performance from Infinite models. These are two engines. The turbocharged 2.0 L four-cylinder engine with 268 horsepower and 288 lb-ft. And the other is a 3.7 L V6 with 325 horsepower.

Nissan’s premium department will surely not miss a chance to expand its offer in this segment as well. Although Infiniti brand representatives do not release the public with new information about this model, there are clear indications that another truck model will appear in the near future, this time luxury Infiniti Pickup Truck.

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