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Every year in the automotive industry, are smashing taboos, inconsistent start to fit perfectly, a sworn supporters of certain principles kneel for profit. Our people say: ‘Never say never’. Lexus Truck? Why not. After the announcement Mercedes Truck GLT, luxury pickup truck is no longer an impossible project of any luxury brand. While some need to minimize the luxury and glamour to enter into this segment, mainstream brands make their designs more and more luxurious and shiny. Lexus Pickup Truck is one of several future projects Toyota luxury brand. On the list of priorities Lexus Truck is lowest. This does not mean that they will never get the green light for the start of production. On the contrary.

Lexus Pickup Truck Latest News

The complete story of Lexus Pickup Truck not journalistic fabrication. Makoto Tanaka had the honor to tell us something on this topic. He is product-planning project leader Toyota company, under whose auspices and operates Lexus brand. At a time when virtually every model sold is SUV, it is logical that companies want to exploit the maximum interests of the market. Therefore Lexus first market will offer a few more crossovers, and SUVs. It was only after the realization of these projects, we can expect Lexus Truck. There are no time frames. It makes no sense to speculate year releasing this vehicle. Confirmation that there is an idea of the realization of this project is great hope.

Mercedes has decided that its first pickup truck based on the Nissan NP300 model. Lexus will based its first luxury, pickup truck on the new generation Toyota Hilux model. Some reports from September 2015 states that, Lexus will used Tacoma and Tundra trucks as models. Also Lexus will  ‘put on some’ grille on the corporate body trucks. Such information Makoto Tanaka has denied. Such a sequence of circumstances would mean that the Lexus Truck primarily be a full-size truck. In this case Hilux will be the perfect support for the development of another representative truck segment.

Lexus Truck

Customers in the US market should not be deprived of this model from Lexus lineup. Regardless of the fact that the Toyota Hilux is not the model that is out there on offer. It would be contradictory Toyota to support Lexus as a brand of its luxury models intended for the US market, while Toyota Pickup Truck not be sold on the same.

These and many other questions on the subject of the first luxury Lexus Pickup Truck model, we will discuss later. When the idea of the company grow into a preliminary design, and it invocations at least in the form of concept. Until then, no one defending us to imagine the appearance and performance of the vehicle.

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