Skoda Pickup Truck Concept News

According to Werner Eichorn, a marketing board member of Skoda Company, they are just thinking and analyzing the idea of Skoda Pickup Truck. Someone might think that that’s enough. There is enough idea for the project. But the development of a model, which in the model lineup has no one to rely on, is not that simple.


Until a few years ago, every serious, car manufacturer had to make every effort to offer at least one full-size SUV. Then the seven-seat family hauler’s tendency became specific. Customers in overcrowded cities wanted the dimensions of less crossover SUV models, with a specific specification. Now offer and demand requires something else. More precisely, the pickup truck models got a big role. It does not talk about workhorse models, ready to pull and take a lot. Not. These are models that, in addition to comfortable and luxurious cabins, offer the possibility of their use in certain jobs!

Skoda Pickup Truck

Skoda Pickup Truck Intentions

It is assumed that Skoda will use the Volkswagen Amarok as a model to base its light truck on. Every day there are millions of pickup trucks on the roads. Skoda is a small brand, and it is currently in a very difficult situation. Some brands have managed to revive long-forgotten pick up models. In this way they found at least some place on the market. Given that Skoda does not have an ace up his sleeve, must be included in a story that is very much in its infancy!

Very talented individuals have enabled us to visualize the idea in the clouds. If Skoda would use its full-size Skoda Karoq SUV as the basis on which to base its Skoda Pickup Truck. Similarly, the same artist did it by introducing us a new Subaru Truck based on the Viziv-7 concept. The new Skoda Pickup Truck should be a consistent competitor to models such as Nissan Navara, Renault Alaskan and Mercedes Pickup.

The production of this light-weight pickup truck model is in direct relation with the North American market. In fact, we should take for granted that Skoda will do all this exclusively to be able to offer SKODA Pickup Truck on US market! Among other things, this is the idea of leading all of the projects so far. Those resulted in a model that does not intend, nor can it parry Ford F-series, GMC and Chevy trucks.

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