Toyota Hybrid Powered Pickup Truck to the End of this Decade

Toyota Hybrid Powered Pickup Truck will enrich the company’s offer in this segment. It is known that Toyota also works on developing a new platform for its pickup models. This type of vehicle is a clear response to Ford Motor Company plans. Namely, Ford has announced a hybrid version of its most popular pickup model, the F-150. This Ford F-150 should be on the market by the end of this decade. If Toyota decides to offer its pickup hybrid, 2020 is the real date of its appearance.

The rumors of the arrival of the Toyota Hybrid Powered Pickup Truck has fueled a statement from people from the company. Namely, Ed Loukiz, vice president of Toyota’s marketing department, gave an interesting announcement. He confirmed that the idea of a hybrid truck quite interesting and curious. He added that such vehicles would be interesting for buyers in the US market. Also, he pointed out that such a vehicle would be a nice addition to the gamma of these models. According to him, there are no reasons why the development of such a model would not be possible.

Toyota Hybrid Powered Pickup Truck

Rumors and Speculations

Many believe that it would not be a surprise that Toyota gives the green light to this project. Remind once more, Ford intends to offer a hybrid F-150 to the end of the decade. If company wants its ‘part of the cake’, Toyota must instantly react.

However, when it comes to Toyota’s model, we will probably have to wait for the next year to officially confirm this information. However, there are great chances that the Toyota Hybrid Powered Pickup Truck will be introduced in the next few years.

It’s not clear which Toyota pickup will have the first to get its hybrid version. Due to the statement that such a model will be offered on the US market, the choice is for Tacoma and Tundra models.

Toyota, more precisely Loukiz, has disclosed that engineers are working to develop a new platform for trucks. The new platform will form the basis of next generation models such as 4Runner, Sequoia and Tundra. For this reason, it is believed that the new generation Toyota Tundra will be the first company’s pickup truck model with a hybrid drive train.

Toyota Hybrid Powered Pickup Truck Conclusion

Toyota is aware of the growing demand for trucks and terrains. Therefore, the company shows great interest in the development of models in these segments. There is no doubt that the company will introduce a hybrid-powered pickup model in the shortest period of time. Whether Toyota owns more SUVs and sedan models, with this type of drive, it’s no novelty or secret for them. The new Toyota Pickup hybrid is expected to be as successful as other such models.

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